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White Tea
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Silver Tips

USD 22.50

Green Horizon Silver Tips Tea is a luxurious delight of the rarest kind. White tea in the essence, it is only known for its refined, elegant taste, but also for its promise of preserving youth and vitality. Handpicked and hand crafted, it takes on a silvery olive hue and is velvety to the touch. Enjoy a cup of Silver Tips and experience its charm on your senses.


USD 26.90

An exquisitely rare treat, that when brewed, effuses a fresh, smooth and aromatic beverage, the Green Horizon Golden Tips tea is made from a distinct variety of the Camellia Assemica plant that grows only in a handful of estates in the world. Featuring a very unique taste that is not experienced in any tea from around the world, this honey coloured concoction will lead you by hand to the seventh heaven of delight.