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Regional Teas
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A dainty light brew that is set apart from all other tea varieties in the world, Green Horizon Nuwara Eliya tea carries a fragrant bouquet and a subtle golden hue that is undoubtedly pleasing to the eye and the palate. Escape into the serenity of Ceylon’s central hills with this unique blend of high grown Ceylon tea. Cultivated at an elevation of 1,800 meters, Nuwara Eliya tea is luscious and flavoursome, just like the region with its awe-inspiring landscape that has captivated many. Brew yourself a cup of Nuwara Eliya tea at the end of the day. Let your breath be taken away.


USD 2.25

The smooth taste of Uva tea is indeed unmistakable upon the palate. It is from the eastern hills of Sri Lanka that these gentle tea leaves are picked to create a unique blend which is refreshingly mellow. Distinct in its slightly eucalyptus character, Uva tea is a highly sought after variety among tea lovers the world over. Exotically aromatic, Haritha brings you the very essence of the breathtaking region of Uva in a cup. Handpicked to perfection, let the delicate leaves unfurl in all their splendour, letting them unleash their exquisite flavours, creating that perfect cup of tea just for you.  


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Grown in the low lands belonging to the Southern province of the island, nourished by the Southwest monsoon and the humid atmosphere, the Ruhuna Plantations are home to Tea shrubs that are dark in colour and shiny in texture.  Exposed to a high rate of photosynthesis, this Tea allows the manufacturing of leaves that are especially suited to ‘rolling’. When brewed, the liquor turns to be strong and dark, and is preferred by those who opt for the distinctly robust flavour of Tea. Coppery red liquid, served up in a cup of naturally honey spangled flavour, Haritha Ruhuna Tea is a delightful delicacy hailing from the Southern plains of Sri Lanka.


USD 2.25

Sabaragamuwa Nurtured by the soil that has for years been the womb of precious stones, these low grown Sabaragamuwa Tea estates enjoy the highest rainfall in the country. Endowed with breath taking views of scenic beauty, these plantations produce a nimbly growing bush, the long leaves of which when withered, are well suited for ‘rolling’. When brewed, the liquor turns to be golden brown, with a hint of red that varies with the altitude of the plantation. Not as strong as the alternatively low grown Ruhuna Tea, Haritha Sabaragamuwa Tea is tinged with a sweet flavour, and is exceptional in delivering a refreshing sip each time.


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Between the highlands of Nuwara Eliya and Horton Plains lies Dimbula, one of the oldest tea growing regions in the country. The tea grown here is particularly delightful, a little piece of heaven in its own right. The topography eccentricities of the region reflect the multifaceted flavour of Dimbula tea, producing a range of warm and colourful teas, served up in one single sip. Dimbula tea is fine liquid gold in a cup. A bright and lively concoction that yields clean flavours, it is indeed a refreshing change for the discerning palate. The bright and fragrant Dimbula tea is sure to set your senses ablaze.


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From amongst the mist robed mountains of this proud ancient kingdom comes this bold and brazen beverage. The high grown tea of Kandy is one of the most sought after teas in the world today with its intense full-bodied flavour and aroma that has mesmerized many a tea aficionado over the centuries. Grown at an elevation of above 1,200m, the beautiful climate of the region contributes greatly to its distinct taste, characteristic to breathtaking Kandyan region.

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Haritha Regional Teas come scaling the hills and valleys of the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka, across its Eucalyptus adorned misty mountains; monsoonnurtured plateaus; Kingdoms of a glorious part; sultry slopes and gentle sea-breeze caressed Southern suburbs. Our tea are picked from elevations between 2000-6200 feet, across the Dimbula, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ruhuna and Uva regions of the island. They are diverse in aroma, flavour and colour, ranging from malty burgundy, to warm amber and golden champagne.