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Gold Premium Tins
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Dimbula BOPF

USD 8.50

Haritha Dimbula tea is fine liquid gold in a cup. A bright and lively concoction that yields clean flavours,it is indeed a refreshing change for the discerning palate. The bright and fragrant Dimbula tea is sure to set your senses ablaze.

Extra Special FBOP

USD 8.85

Deliciously aromatic, long, twisted wiry leaves, bursting with flavour and freshness, Haritha’s Extra Special Pure Ceylon Tea promises you the most exquisite Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP1) Tea, which would take your senses on a tantalizing journey back to the breezy, tranquil hills. All of these contribute to an excellent brand of tea that pledges to serve the best! Surrender to the refreshing taste of our Extra Special Premium Tea, and experience the exceptional flavour of Pure Ceylon tea.

Earl Grey

USD 7.35

Subtly tinged with the citrusy essence of Bergamot orange, bold and smooth to taste, Haritha’s Earl Grey flavoured Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP) pays homage to a quintessential British delicacy and a global favourite. Taking your senses on a nostalgic journey, this tea is the perfect amalgamation of sweet, floral, sour and bitter flavours of the bergamot rind that blends spectacularly with Haritha’s bold, full-bodied, malty black tea.