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Flavoured Whole leaf Tins
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USD 3.45

Absolutely exotic, slightly sweet, scarcely savoury and sparsely spicy, Cardamom is packed with a riot of flavour that is both unique and distinct. Combined with the richness of Black Tea, the blend invokes a floral bouquet with citric undertones. Brew yourself a cup of the famous ‘Chai Tea’ with Haritha exquisitely exotic fusion.


USD 3.45

An engaging blend of sweet, aromatic apple and astringent Ceylon tea, Haritha Apple Falvoured Whole leaf Tea offers you divine respite in a cup. Lose yourself among the green and tangy apple undertones swathed in the musky rawness of the world’s finest Ceylon Black tea, hand-plucked to perfection.    Ideal either hot or cold, its refreshing notes are sure to leave your senses, mesmerized.


USD 3.45

Packed with natural goodness and intoxicatingly aromatic, Cinnamon Tea is probably a legendary magic potion, with properties to soothe and even cheer one up. Cinnamon boasts of powerful antioxidants that prevent illnesses and aging. It is also known to boost brain function, have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, improve blood circulation and even aids in weight loss. Sip on a cup of Green Horizon’s Cinnamon Tea, and let its revitalizing aroma engulf you in a warm embrace.

Earl Grey

USD 3.45

The malty Ceylon black intertwines ever so nimbly with the distinct citrusy notes of bergamot in this classic blend of Ceylon tea and bergamot orange that have most undoubtedly become a global favourite over time. Named after Lord Charles Grey, the British Prime Minister who supposedly received this unique blend as a gift, Green Horizon takes utmost care in evoking the nostalgic flavours that have over decades, become a memory cherished close to the heart by many. Savour the past, one sip at a time with Haritha Earl Grey.


USD 3.45

The therapeutic properties of ginger are known to be boundless. Haritha combines the delightfully piquant taste of ginger with the more robust nature of Ceylon black tea to kick start your day with some added spice. An age-old blend that has won the hearts of many, ginger tea is a staple of every household in this little paradise isle. 


USD 3.45

Haritha combines the distinct malty flavour of Ceylon Black tea with the tangy hues of lemon to create this fresh and uplifting blend that is sure to leave you bright and refreshed. This sparkling beverage with its vivid citrusy notes shining through the dusky flavour of Ceylon tea, is equally gratifying whether had hot or cold. Refreshment is just a sip away.


USD 3.45

The refreshing taste of Ceylon Black tea intertwines in a delightful combination with the fresh, bright floral hues of strawberry in this auroral blend.  Whether it is an ice-cold relief to dispel the tropical heat or a steaming hot cuppa at the end of a tiring day, Haritha Strawberry tea provides a tantalizing contrast of flavours that will leave you relaxed and refreshed. Awaken yourself to this luscious bouquet of flavours and aromas, a rare and indulgent treat indeed.


USD 3.45

Surrender to the subtle aroma of fresh pink roses, infused with the malty crispiness of black tea, and enjoy a deliciously delicate cuppa of Haritha Rose Tea. Subtly spangled with floral overtones, and gently fragrant, this infusion is a luxurious beverage. With every sip, revel in the seductive sweetness of roses.


USD 3.45

Brew your own fun in a cup. With its candy like sweetness and luscious tangy fragrance, Raspberries are a treat to the senses. Indulge in a refreshing cup of Raspberry Tea, courtesy Green Horizon, for a fruity reverie of bursting flavour.  Ideal as an invigorating cold beverage, its sweet sourness is a sensual pleasure.