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Reminiscent of the lush, rolling gardens from where we glean our tea, Green Horizon brings you the taste of Ceylon in an aromatic cup of refreshing liquid gold.

With over three decades of experience in the international tea trade, discover with us the finest and the most exquisite blends & single origin teas tailor-made for your taste buds.

Explore the flavour of this paradise isle and relish the zest and zing of rejuvenation in the signature savour of high quality Ceylon tea. Close your eyes and let your senses be ascend to the mist robed hills from where it all begins.

Welcome to Green Horizon.

CEO's Message

Mr. Dhammika Obeyesekere

Since the inception in 2008 we strive to become a leading exporter of Ceylon Tea. Our focus on quality & unparalleled service is an essential part of who we are & how we conduct our business.

We’re committed to deliver the finest & freshest Ceylon Teas to our valued customers. Our selection of blends & single origin teas are specially selected from the lush tea gardens in Sri Lanka renowned for it’s superior quality.

With dedication & passion we bring you freshness in every cup.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for their continued support & patronage. Enjoy Haritha Tea…